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Sporal Super Bright Patio LED Umbrella Light Review
Well made and you can vary the illumination

This light is very bright if you face the LEDs toward the table. And it gently illuminates the underside of a patio umbrella if the LEDs are faced up and at its highest power. Holds well to a wooden umbrella pole and is very easy to operate the latch that allows you to remove or install the light onto the pole. Batteries last a good long time in this light. Highly recommended.

Clotilde Y.
Sporal Super Bright Patio LED Umbrella Light Review
Love both color options!

I originally ordered this light in the ??cool white?? option and I loved it! However all of my solar lights have more of a warm tone to them and I??ve recently added two more seating areas with umbrellas so I ordered three in the ??warm white?? option. I think for my particular needs, the warm looks better, but both give off EXCELLENT lighting. They take 4 AA batteries each, which are easy to install and the light itself is easy to install, as well. There are spring-loaded grips on the inside of the hole so no matter what size the umbrella pole is, the light should fit. The card that comes with the packaging said there??s a 365 day warranty on them, so that??s good. I have had the original light since March (for future readers: it??s June, now) and I??ve used it many times and never had issues with it and I have not needed to change the batteries, yet. I have included pictures with the ??cool white?? and the ??warm white?? options, so hopefully that will help you decide which might be best for your needs.

Nelda M.
Sporal Super Bright Patio LED Umbrella Light Review
Bright, Useful, Versatile, 5 Stars!

The center umbrella light is awesome! As described, a no-brainer to install or use, it is very bright and arrived in a day. I can place the Light low and easily illuminate the entire table, or raise it high and illuminate an area outside the umbrella. Can also be used in a multitude of necessary or creative ways! Very bright and has really improved my evening entertaining.

Myrtis Y.
Sporal Super Bright Patio LED Umbrella Light Review
Who needs a porch light when you can have the perfect lighting where the action is?

it does a beautiful job lighting up our deck table nice and evenly! In the picture, it is the only light on. If i turned it off it would be pitch black out there. The picture is the light at its brightest setting as well. Very pleased with it! Hopefully it lasts.

Andreane M.
Sporal Super Bright Patio LED Umbrella Light Review
pleasantly surprised

So, long story short I ended up buying an umbrella for my patio, and while I was shopping I stumbled upon this umbrella light, since I noticed some umbrellas had preinstalled lights in the frame. I bought the light just to try it out, so I didn't always have to have my bright porch light on if I'm out there. So far I've had it a few weeks, and it is super amazing. I can have a centralized light if people sit outside, the different settings are super helpful (I mostly use the 2nd setting, just the perfect amount of light). And plus, when I'm done with the umbrella, I can shimmy the light down to the middle and it'll fit just enough for the umbrella to be fastened closed. Highly recommend!

Burdette H.

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