Solar Powered String Light

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Color: Cool Lights
Size: 33ft 100 LED
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These outdoor Solar string lights outdoor waterproof, solar energy supply, no need to replace batteries, no extra cord or plug needed and no electric bill cost.

| Copper Wire | Decoration Lights for Gardens |


  • Rechargeable 5-7 hours direct sunlight

  • Durable up to 12 hours if fully charged

  • Water-proof 

  • Outdoor Safe

  • Weatherproof

  • 8 Different Lighting Modes (Cycles all modes)

  • Easy to Shape: Flexible Copper wiring can easily build the shapes you want

  • Eco-friendly

  • Energy Saving

  • No wiring needed


No. LED Lights: 100 / 200
Length: 33 ft / 65 ft
Modes: ON / OFF, Auto On at dusk, Auto Off by day (Steady on / Flashing)
Water Resistant Level: IP65
Power: Solar-Powered
Package Components: 1 x Solar Powered String Light
1 x Solar Panel
1 x Stake

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Maeve M.
Perfect outdoor mood light solution.

Im very impressed. They stay lit all night adding a perfect glow. I was able to hide the solar panel nicely too. I ll be getting plenty more I m sure. They are my perfect solution for gentle outdoor lighting. The price is great too. I hope they are durable I ll like to place them in several places in the front and backyard. My picture does not do them justice.

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Burnice Q.
Shinny and cute

Lights are super cute and come with the blinking mode too. The pic i put doesnt do it justice but theyre shiny and beautiful at night. I bought them for my veggie garden, i just started rolling around the fence starting from the charging side and went around. I got two sets For that big rectangle. I kind of want to get more for my front balcony since i dont need to use batteries or plug them and they shine a lot. Its has been very windy and rainy since i got them and they still work fine after a couple of weeks of use. I highly recommend

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Tatyana J.
ALMOST invisible, love them!

These lights were perfect for my moms porch! They are bright but not too bright they came packaged well, and wound around cardboard slots. They are really long like I needed, great length! The copper wire is beautiful yet you ALMOST cant even see it during the day. So far these are highly recommended!

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Lucy T.
Great mini solar lights!

These little solar powered lights were perfect for the garden area I used them in. I have a fountain and wanted to light up the greenery behind the fountain. I had just enough lights for my project. The picture I posted I used two light sets. I was able to easily weave the wiring through the greenery. These light up and are pretty bright at night for such little lights. Mine are in bright, partial sun from around 1:30 in the afternoon on. They light up around 8:30 pm and stay lit until around 3:30am and slowly fade out. Definitely would recommend!

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Kira Q.
Very happy with my purchase!

Needed lights in my garage studio that didnt require plugging in and remembering to unplug all the time. These are an excellent solution. I wasnt able to mount the solar panel where it was ideal (at the roof line) because I was afraid Id fall out the window trying to reach, so I mounted It under the roof overhang where it doesnt actually get direct sun at all, but they still work! I am also pleased with the 200 string because it covered so much area. More than enough lights here. Some of the lights are outside of the picture view I provided. Really excited about these lights and highly recommend them.

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Salma N.
The perfect touch for your backyard paradise!

Works well. I bought a string in the fall from another seller, and they were nice , but this spring, they would only blink, and water had got inside, so I bought 3 strings of these, and dried out my other strand. All are woking perfectly. I prefer the Amir Solar Powered because they have a nicer, single pushbutton operation. So far, heavy rains and no problems!

Sporal  Review
Nice soft warm yellow lighting, perfect for a cozy feel on your patio

The lights are fine, gave them a 5 rating. I gave a brightness rating of 3, not to mark them down, but they have a soft yellow light as opposed to others that are very bright white. I personally like the soft yellow lighting, it gives a very warm effect. Easy to install, of course, you just sting them up where you want them. I cant speak to the longevity, as I just got them, they have been in about two months, and seem to be working fine, have to wait and see how long they last.

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Jojo W.
They are Bright easy to install and look classy! Wire is thin so doesnt look tacky in the day.

We Love these we bought 2 of the 100 and 1 of the 200 for larger palm. I want to do the front too. Just point the solar to the south and turn on to charge. I turn off at night once we go inside to save the charge and turn on again in the morning its so easy just press a button. Im sure in the summer when there is sun all day I will just leave on. They hold an 8 hour charge or more. They recharge only in the on position. I placed some of the solar panels up high because of our block wall so that the panel gets hit by the sun. Just tuck in the stake behind the palm out of sight. I weaved though the copper wire I have a palm that has a looser trunk and stuck the stake through that to keep the solar panel up high where the sun hits. If you get sun on the ground at this time of year then Just put the panel stake right in the ground.

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Henry L.
Very Stylish Daytime and bright night light

Gives bright light after a quick charge. I set the lights up in the walkway in the backyard. After a day of charging the walkway looked bright and enjoyable to watch in the evening.

Wish I purchased more.

This is a solar light I would recommend, very pleased at how it lights up the front. I am planning to purchase more.

Great quality

Just purchased a second set. Well made, very bright. Very happy with this purchase.

Love them so much bought 6 more

I bought 4 of these initially for our garden out front but I loved them so much I bought 6 more for our backyard. We don��t have a lot of light back these so these are perfect! They are def worth the price.

Jerry S.
lovely ethereal look...

lovely ethereal look... they are easy to affix to tree or shrubbery limbs, due to the nature of the copper wire, easy to handle and position... I bought two sets, put one in my dogwood tree next to the patio.. gave the other one to my son in law.. now, I have bought 3 or 4 more sets.. im moving to a new home, and cannot wait to add them to the new lawn design/decor... it has to be totally overcast, most all day long, before you dont get any lights at all for the evening. the number of hours of sun that the sensor gets during the day seems to determine how long they last of a night.. sometimes until around midnight, other times all night long.. til the sun starts to show. they are not meant to illuminate an area, I dont think.. I have been very satisfied with them. so pretty.

Lucy L.
great solar lights

We live in wooded area. First set of solar lights that I ordered from a different company did not work at the area that I wanted to place them in. So I moved them to more sunny spot. I was skeptical about these lights from Flalivi , but decided to give them a chance. They work beautifully without that much direct sun. I enjoy looking at these solar lights in the late evening. They are bright enough to see the road. Glad I ordered them.

Clay f.
Works perfect

As soon as I got it, I left it on the sun to charge, by the evening they were brightly shining. Safe energy and money. Very happy on the purchase, Great addition to out landscape. We can rearrange them if we want to change the spot. Wireless, problem free!!!

Great solar lights

I m very satisfy with these solar spotlights. The product is easy to use, just place it in direct sunlight and turn the bright light on. 100 % recommended so far, I am just using them for two weeks now.

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