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Create a calming atmosphere and help you have a sense of peace and relaxation with these Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Ideal for your coffee table or desk. Perfect for meditation yoga spaces, a nightlight or on your bedside table.

Himalayan salt Lamps are colloquially called as ‘Himalayan salt Lamp’, ‘Himalia Salt Nightlight’.

The salt crystals are hand mined in the Himalayan Mountains, specially handcrafted for uniqueness. Unlit, the crystal's rough-hewn, irregular surface looks pink. When lit with the included 15-watt bulb, it gives a warm amber glow.

Illuminate your room with a warm, pleasant & relaxing amber glow. It's a perfect choice in the center of a coffee table, desk.

Here are some Himalayan salt lamp benefits research shows: 

A true salt lamp is prone to some 'sweating' when exposed to moisture, as salt is naturally hygroscopic (attracting moisture).

Important Note: To keep it dry, keep your lamp turned on now and then, or safely stored away if there is a period when it’s not in use.

With the well-polished rubberwood base, it can last longer than other wooden materials, even with prolonged use.


  • 100% Natural

  • Easy to set up

  • Wonderful gift choice

  • Improve sleeping quality

  • Authentic, hand-selected Himalayan salt rocks


Color: Orange Pink
110 Volts
Approx. 10 x 18cm
Shape: Natural
Weight: 2 - 3kg
Package Component: 1 x Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Salma N.
Still working a year and a half later

I keep this lamp on my night stand and I use it almost everyday. It really is very pretty and has a deep orange glow that is not common among many other lamps. It looks especially pretty at night or in a dark room. There is also a dimmer knob that makes it perfect for meditating or listening to music. I can see it making a great night light for young children as well. At full setting it is actually just barely adequate for reading. So, with no other lighting, in a dark room, you can use this for reading. Which is nice. It is definitely made of salt...I have licked it...once. It is pretty heavy for a lamp. Not a problem for me, but maybe for some.

Sporal  Review
Exceptional lamp!

I love this lamp so much, much heavier then I expected but its beautiful with a great low or high glow. Its exactly what I wanted. Love the size as well not too big or too small its just right. Get it you wont regret it.!

Sporal  Review
Myrtie G.
Gifted this exact item to 3 different people!

I have to say I love this product! I think it completes my room. It is a TRUE salt lamp! Its salty on the outside ... and very pretty. I��m working on hiding the cord so I��ve placed a nice framed print in front of it. This item has different settings for the desired brightness factor. I keep mine about halfway bright.

Sporal  Review
Tatyana J.
Beautiful, unique and real!!!

You definitely get your own special individual one. Each one is unique. Mine I like because it has a lighter and darker side. It has a nice dial that you turn on and dial up the brightness of your rock. Oh and if you are wondering if it's real salt. My son wanted me to lick it.. I said like this, jokingly touching my lips to it.. A minute later forgot I did that and licked my lips and tasted salt.. (wow) Yeap just like the ocean!!! I am turn mine on every day and when I can I will be buying more.. Christmas gifts for everyone this year.

Sporal  Review
Calming and Relaxing Salt Glow!

I love this salt lamp! It cleans the air, soft dim glow to a bright glow. I can keep it on through the night. I have one in my master room, kids room and family room downstairs. This salt lamp is very soothing and calming especially after a long day of work....I Ask Ok google to play some jazz. Just as relaxing while reading the word!!! Great addition to a baby nursery. I brought a few more over the years as gifts for family for Christmas. It is inexpensive, non toxic and creates ambiance in the home.

Sporal  Review
Good lamp

i was looking for a nightlight type of lamp that would be able to throw light without disturbing anyone elses sleeping. Nightlights either with a traditional bulb or the harsh newer LED lights are too bright and throw shadows and disturb light sleepers pets etc. so when i found this i wanted to try it out. ive included pictures of it on with no flash, non altered pic, its not on its brightest setting either. As you can see its pink red light doesnt throw shadows but lights the way when i get home late from work, i dont have to wake half the house by bright lights or the annoyance of motion lights and bright lights when your eyes have already adjusted to the darkness.

Sporal  Review
Tricia C. Walters
Beautiful! Love it!

I was so excited when my salt lamp came! It's so beautiful both on and off, a great orange creamsicle kind of color. It has a dimmer switch and is a great brightness for using as a nightlight in my daughters room. The cord is also a very convenient length. Highly recommended.

Sporal  Review
Vita K.
Fabulous!! Solar lights!!

Great lights that runs on a solar power. I have installed these lights in my patio and now my patio looks fabulous in the evening. Install and leave it there, it makes your patio look amazingly beautiful. Totally worthy product in case you are looking to beautify your patio.

Work Perfectly.

I have the LED strings running around the the top of the fencing that runs around our vegetable garden in the back yard (two strings do the entire perimeter perfectly), and the two solar collectors mounted flush to the top of the fencing for maximum sun through the day. The strings currently turn on at around 8.45pm when it gets dark enough outside and are still lit at around 4am or so, which is a great length of time. Obviously that will change as we move out of summer and into periods of the year with less direct sun, but that's completely understandable. Very happy with this purchase.

Yondo L.
Repeat purchase!

Its really nice when a product lives up to expectation, especially when it is an inexpensive product.

Foto G.
Love it.

So cute, exactly what i wanted. Looks better in person.

Pensy P.
Best lights on the market!

It is as bright as an electrical light I love them and so do my neighbors they said they will order also!

Perfect accent lighting

This is a the best decision purchase we have made in a long time! We have now bought 3 packs and will be ordering more for our front yard!

Tommy S.
These lights are a game changer for how beautiful our home looks at night!

These lights have added a perfect touch of elegance to our flowerbeds! They were easy to assemble and install. I highly recommend this product!

Rose M.
These are great!

The lights were much better than I expected. The light quality was good and the lights stayed on until late am. I��m considering purchasing additional lights.

Excellent Lighting

Very easy to install and deliver superior lighting! I will purchase this product again. In fact this is the second time I have purchased this light!!!

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