Crystals Galaxy Sphere

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Crystals Galaxy Sphere is Making the 3D effect of the plane's surface based on astronomical data by NASA satellite. Color drawing craft make the ball colorful and gorgeous. When the light is turn on, it seems to be in the splendid galaxy. As the color and perspective change, it presents a magical and colorful color.

The colorful star sky 3D effect gives people unlimited imagination to the universe or distant galaxies. It could be treated as an excellent gifts for children kids baby.


  • LED Remote Control

  • Making the 3D effect of the planet's surface based on astronomical data by NASA satellite

  • 3 Lighting modes

  • Decoration indoor

  • Unique design

  • USB Cable

  • Inspected, evaluated, and screened by Sporal


Size: 15CM


Material: Crystals Glass
Flicker Modes: 3 Lighting Modes
Powered With: USB Cable
Sytle: Mecury / Saturn
Package Components: 1 x Crystals Galaxy Sphere



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