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Indoor /  Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Love to have a garden that it is unique, cozy and eye catching for neighbors to be jealous to see how you decorated your backyard.

Here are some tips, ideas for you to know about LED lights!



A Spark in the Dark

LED benefits society in multiple ways and it’s the future of lighting solutions. LED lighting provides optimal lighting and it’s the closest lighting solution to natural light. The lesser-known benefits of LED include improved mood and higher productivity.



Creative Ideas for your backyard

DIY Light Poles

Some simple ​poles and lights can go a long way. 

What if you have no way to hold those ​poles up? ​

Such as:

  • Using plant as a support by adding cements on the surface.

  • Two wooden stakes can create a vintage environment to your backyard. You can put those poles anywhere you like and they look awesome

Lantern DIY

​Here's a quick little project to light up your patio furniture. It's a simple as gluing yarn to a balloon and filling it with some string lights. Sounds weird, but it totally works.

 For more creative ideas keep following our blog post!

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