5 Different ways to decorate your garden with garden ornaments that surprises you in ways you cannot imagine


The Solar-Powered Bird Fountain Kit is the best option if you have a pond or an existing regular bird bath. Just throw the fountain Kit into it and you get a moving water that attracts wildlife.

 And unlike most solar bird baths, thanks to the battery backup, this works the entire day (even in cloudy conditions).This floating fountain just requires a pool of water where you can place and the birds will come habitually.



Deck accent lights will never run out of style, and they are also compatible with many different lack layouts. They provide a cozy atmosphere and can be quite a classical choice if you opt for ones that come with tinted glass. While these particular ones are amber-hued, you can opt for multicolored glass for a more baroque type of setting.


Choosing the right outdoor solar lights for your home can be a time-consuming and daunting task, but it is worth it. Outdoor lights provide beauty and security into different areas of your home like your garden, walkway, pathway, driveway, decks and patio.

The best type of outdoor lights is durable and waterproof. Also, it should be effective, simple and easy to install and lights that can give you light from sunset to sunrise for years.

If you are looking for lights that will give ambience for your garden or yard.



In night, watering can lights will be an attractive decor at your home, emitting warm yellow lights, looking like a string of shining stars poured from watering can, projecting beautiful patterns on the ground ,to create romance atmosphere.

you will see how the transformation of an ordinary watering can into a lovely Light-Shower can be achieved. The piece is looking perfect in the garden, especially at night, where it will put your flowers in a good light.


The solar cap lights don’t need electrical wiring. They are completely self-contained and sit on wooden posts of 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6 inches (10×10, ~13×13, 15×15 centimeters) in a simple and doable DIY installation process.

The internal light offers an appealing classic design capable of providing 25 lumens with an internal reflector for maximum brightness. Flexfit charges throughout the day and turns on automatically at night with its built-in photosensor.

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